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At Carter Engineering & Consulting we strive to develop a great relationship with people by listening to their needs, then developing the means and methods to accomplish those goals effectively. Our success is driven by our enthusiasm for construction, innovation, troubleshooting, and relationships.


In Construction, we have had intensive involvement on all aspects of public and private projects ranging from heavy highway to site development, from stormwater management to historic home preservations.


In innovation, we study the normal approach and seek ways for improved and unique results that may lead to energy efficiencies, environmental stewardship, or technological advancement


In troubleshooting, we accept each case as a challenge, investigate the issues, and generate a solution that fixes the issue - not a bandaid that will fall off again.


In relationships, we endeavor to exceed each client's expectations with honesty and sensitivity through consideration of individual project needs, budgets, and timelines.


“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” 
Dr. Seuss